Temu entered the competitive US online general merchandise market in late 2022. In three months, it reached half as many customers as Shein, a similar number that took the fast fashion giant four years to achieve. Earnest Analytics clients wanted to know:

  • How does Temu's performance stack up against other online sellers?
  • Who are Temu's customers and where do they shop?
  • Is Temu taking sales from other competitors yet?

They turned to Earnest’s Vela transaction data in the online Dash platform to answer these questions. The data includes sales records for individual, anonymous households across their credit and debit card accounts that can provide a holistic view of shopper behavior. This data is ideal for customer cohorting based on income, including government payments, which allows clients to gain a full understanding of what is driving performance  among e-commerce companies. Start using Dash for free today.

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